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He’s a delusional old man that cannot form a coherent sentence, let alone remember what happened during the election season. Democrat rioters burning cities, trashing businesses, tearing down statues. Stop with the emotionalism. We lose between forty and fifty thousand a year on the highways yet you would never dream of restricting freedom of movement.

Speaking as someone who reads a little history, I’ve noticed that liberal anti-gunners, _and_ people who are _right_ wing on OTHER issues (like abortion and immigration) don’t seem to understand how math works. And just how huge our population is, and how big numbers have to get before they indicate a serious social problem.

The green future is the biggest “Ponzi scheme”in the world, but it goes hand in hand with the “woke Bullshit” and both work perfect with socialism!!!!!!! Now he’s making fun of the high gas prices. This is all part of the transition into the green New deal. He doesn’t give a shit about the American people. He doesn’t care how much it cost for groceries. lot of people have to keep their car in the garage they can’t afford the gas but that is their plan make the gas higher and force the American people to buy electric cars. Electric cars are very expensive people can’t afford electric cars. Many don’t want electric is wrong and against this country’s founding principles for the government to engage in social engineering and telling us what we must drive. They are not in charge we are!!!!!! What I drive is my damn business leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!. And another thing the batteries come from China. Slow Joe has to support China. You know how expensive those damn batteries are?. With rolling blackouts how the hell you going to charge the battery moron!!!.

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